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Agentes de Cambio - Bolsillo

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SKU: 9670
UPC: 9780829755787
Editorial: Vida
ISBN: 0829755780
Author: Chalke, Steve
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Agentes de Cambio - Veinticinco lecciones en el arte de lograr que se hagan las cosas. 25 Hard-Learned Lessons in the Art of Getting Things Done.

SPANISH EDITION. A change agent wants to alter the way the world works. Creative, driven, and difficult, these people have visions that they turn into reality. Steve Chalke turned a church into the hub of its inner-city community. In Change Agents, he shares lessons he learned—hard-won, wryly told, and immensely practical—as his vision took form and life.

Change agents are pioneers, entrepreneurs, innovators. They can be difficult, annoying, and demanding. But their calling is demanding too: to take a vision and turn it into reality. When Steve Chalke was asked to be the senior minister of a dying inner-city church, he knew what he wanted: to make it into a Christian equivalent of a first-century synagogue. A place where the community gathered, not just to pray and hear sermons, but to be educated, entertained, and find help. Making it all happen was the harder part. In Change Agents, the author shares twenty-five lessons he learned during this work. He had to teach himself to respond, not react; say no more than yes, give up being everyone's friend, and accept that any success was only a short respite between two crises. Employing wry humor, personal examples, and a large helping of practical advice, Steve Chalke reminds us that it is our job, not our precaution, and that the Word of God is rewarded through the work we do. Christ waits and watches for us to take risks and create change in the church, the community, and the world at large.

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