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Apples & Chalkdust

SKU: 11814
UPC: 058919005913
Publisher: The Pilgrim Press
Author: CARUANA, Vicki
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as of: Thur June 14th
Apples & Chalkdust
A shiny red apple is nice, but teachers need a little encouragement too! Every day in classrooms across the world, young faces look to their teacher for clear instruction and patient guidance. Apples & Chalkdust is brimming with deep wisdom and practical insight into all the special challenges and concerns teachers face each day. Amid the flurry of chalkdust and marked papers, these meditations provide the crisp and satisfying daily refreshment dedicated teachers everywhere are longing for. Just like those shiny red apples, this little treasure is the perfect way to tell your teacher "Thanks for touching my life."

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