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Bibles for Africa

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Dear Friends of ETS,

What would you do without a Bible? What if it wasn’t available in your language? This is the dilemma many French speaking countries in Africa have been dealing with. Joe, a missionary friend discovered this situation when arriving several months ago. His assignment is to train leaders and pastors for the ministry there.

How do you train Christian leaders who have no Bible? How do they grow in Christ without God’s Word to strengthen them? How can they be fortified to stand against the onslaught of the Islamic radicalism sweeping the entire continent? How can they be instrumental in reaching the lost if they do not have the equipment needed to do so?

Joe searched the area and found the same deplorable situation. He traveled to other cities and discussed the issue with other mission agencies. They are facing the same predicament. One missionary, with 27 years experience, said they used to get Bibles readily, but have not been able to get any for two years.

Joe then contacted us at ETS. Could we find any French Bibles for these Christian leaders? The search began. Missions, organizations and publishing houses were called. We also discovered that French Bibles are extremely scarce. Even the Bible Society is no longer publishing them. They have converted to making digital materials available.

Another phone call from Joe emphasized the need by a touching scene of what this means. He had a training seminar in spite of the scarcity of the Word. He described the picture of several leaders around a tattered old Bible that one person had as they did a search to answer a question. Heartbreaking but a reality that these leaders live with!

After much research and many phone calls we were able to find a source. We contacted them and, praise God, they had several thousand French Bibles in their warehouse! They could ship a container to Africa for us and would cover the shipping. A container holds 40,000 Bibles. The cost of each Bible is $1.40. We were overjoyed and took the plunge, sent the money and within days expect the container to be on its way.

When Joe told the leaders of the possibility of these Bibles coming, he was not prepared for the reaction. There was literally dancing in the streets. With tears of joy these believers broke out into dance and praises to God. To think they could possibly have their own Bible this year! Only God could do the impossible.

You can imagine our delight at being given the awesome privilege of meeting this need. What are the ramifications of what this means? How many believers will be strengthened in the faith? How many fortified for the onslaught of the evil they face? How many unbelievers will come to Christ as a result of these 40,000 Bibles? Only God knows the answers.

How can you have a part? Due to the urgency of the situation, the money has been sent but needs to be replenished for other needy projects. Pray, pray, pray for this precious cargo as it makes its way to Africa, clears customs and is transported to its destination. Would you like to share in this blessing and, “lay up treasure in heaven” through this ministry? Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

Serving together with you,

ETS Staff


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