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A few years ago we were overwhelmed.  We had received a request for a large number of Bibles for a country without Bibles at the time.  It seemed like an impossibility for little Equipping the Saints to meet this need.  As we contemplated this request, we were reminded of a song we sang in church many years ago.

Must I go empty-handed,
Must I meet my Savior so;
Not one soul with which to greet Him,
Must I empty-handed go?

Then the thought came that, “If only one person per Bible comes to know Christ we won’t be empty handed when we meet our Lord.”  With that we took the plunge and were able to send 45,000 Bibles to Senegal.  God was faithful and enabled us to have the privilege of providing these people with His Word.

Since that time the requests have increased, our faith has been stretched and we have been able to provide thousands of Bibles to countries such as Guinea Bissau, Ghana, Sudan and many Latin American countries. 

Now we are faced with our biggest challenge.  The prime minister and parliament of India passed anti-conversion laws and voted to exterminate Christianity by 2021!  A mission with 23 national workers leading 4000 church groups in India has requested 175,000 Bibles in 5 major Indian languages. The church is growing rapidly. The need for Bibles is urgent. The Bibles will be printed in India. The cost for printing and distribution to 35 strategic locations is only $2.85 each. There is much prayer going in back of this project.

As we take on this challenge, we remember to pray, “Lord, at least one new convert per Bible.”  With God’s answer to that prayer, we feel confident we will have the joy of taking multitudes of new Indian believers with us to meet our Lord.  Your prayers and gifts are coveted.  Thank you, dear friends.


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