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Cast Up a Highway

SKU: 11841
UPC: 9781414116716
Publisher: WinePress Publishing
Author: Clanahan, Mary
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as of: Thur June 14th
Cast Up a Highway: Building an Iron-Strong Faith to Stand on
Cancer Unemployment Divorce Infertility Have any of these unexpected and sometimes frightening life events happened to you? Do you sometimes struggle with unbelief? Do you lack a deep, personal relationship with God? If you can relate to any of these issues, then it's time to "cast up a highway" in your desert, as God commanded the people of Israel through the prophet Isaiah. This experience will remove your fears and send you on a journey of everlasting hope and victory. Mary Clanahan expertly connects the building of a physical highway to the building of a spiritual highway that will draw you closer to God, help you establish a deep trust in Him, and lead you down the path He wants you to follow. As a cancer survivor, Mary knows firsthand that our life-highway must be founded and built upon God and His Word. Cast Up a Highway will guide you on your journey and give you the key to finding and living out your purpose as you build intimacy with your Creator. Mary Clanahan was healed of breast cancer in 2005. She describes it as a "God-led journey of joy." She is a part of a Spirit-led prayer school and teaches a class in helping people to live healthy, fulfilled lives despite chronic health conditions. Her passion is to see people's lives changed by intimately knowing the mighty love of God.

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