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Container Information

We no longer ship containers overseas.

Equipping The Saints is no longer able to ship containers directly from our facility. We do not have adequate staff for labor or the preparation of the paperwork now required for international shipments.

Some of the things we have learned over the years are:


  • Containers can be sent to many countries, but international shipping rules and export/import regulations change frequently. What was allowed 6 months ago, may not be allowed today!
  • Good intentions are not enough. Many things should never be sent: no genuine need, culturally inappropriate, importation not permitted, no parts or repair available, incorrect electrical requirements, etc. We can help you evaluate what you want to ship.
  • It is extremely important that all shipments are properly prepared and documented before shipping. Note: What is the "thing" called in the receiving country? What should it be called on the shipping documents to facilitate passage through Customs?
  • Most shipments have unique features that should be carefully considered before anything is loaded into a container.


We would be happy to direct you to freight forwarders in whom we have confidence.