EvangeCube - Unfolding the Answer to Life's Greatest Question.

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EvangeCube - Unfolding the Answer to Life's Greatest Question.

May be ordered individually. Larger quantites: 48 for 1/2 case, 72 for 3/4 case or 96 per case. This is the larger EvangeCube and is approximately 2 3/4" X 2 3/4" or 7cm.

EvangeCube is a seven-picture cube that simply and clearly unfolds the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The perfect evangelism tool for parents, kids, pastors, missionaries. Usable in any language.

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Carol L, 05/14/2017

My pastor's wife introduced me to the EvangeCube on a mission trip to Tijuana two years ago. Since then, several of our members have been using this cube to share Jesus with individuals and small groups with tremendous success. It is an instant attention grabber. When someone sees the picture of Jesus on the cross for the first time, it never fails to draw breath and usually a "Wow!" or "Oh!". It is one of the most effective evangelism tools I have ever used, and is small enough to take anywhere. Many times it draws a crowd, and multiplies the ability to share God's plan of salvation instantly. I have seen God use this "Jesus story cube" to move many children, youth and adults to desire personal relationship with Jesus. I highly recommend this product.