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Life in The Turn lane

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Publisher: New Vantage Books
Author: Patton, Jim & Beehler, Don
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Life in the Turn Lane: A Story of Personal and Corporate Turnarounds and the Principles that Make Them Happen

Jim Patton thought he was dreaming big. His life-long financial goal was to make $20 an hour. But latent business savvy and God's plan for Jim's career intervened, and now he makes more than that every 60 seconds.On his way to managing mergers and acquisitions for billion-dollar companies, Patton discovered how to navigate the curves that potentially turn hopes into fears and dreams into nightmares. Although he learned mostly the hard way -- getting fired from his first job, losing everything in a major acqusition and watching a partner walk away with profits that should have been his -- through this book, he shares priceless lessons so the reader can move ahead less painfully than he did. Patton highlights his story with 40 memorable Patton Principles, Turning Points at the end of each chapter, and his list of 10 Business Directives. One appendix details how how his company does mergers and acquisitions and another covers his views on what America needs to do to recover from its business doldrums and remain the envy of the world.

About the Author:

Jim Patton is founder and senior managing partner of KPAC Solutions, a private equity firm that acquires distressed manufacturers and turns them into profitable manfacturing powerhouses. Many have been ailing subsidiaries of Fortune 1000 firms that, in the hands of Jim and his team, go on to become world leaders in their industries. Since vocational training was Patton's only higher education, he schooled himself in business by reading the Wall Street Journal front to back for nearly a decade before taking on his first major acquisition. Now one of WSJ's star endorsers, Jim Patton shares his wisdom and experience in settings ranging from business organizations to civic clubs and from youth organizations to churches. He lives in Brentwood, Tennessee, just south of Nashville, with Theresa. his wife of 27 years. Their son, Spencer, is followiing his father's successful business path as a hedge-fund manager.

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