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BibleSD memory card

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BibleSD memory cards

The most common device in the world is the cell phone.  The most published book is the Bible.  We allow you to make the Bible available on phones, even for people who have no internet on their cell phone.

Order a shipment of 32GB microSD cards with Bible resources. 

Here are different resource types that may be available on each SD card.  Resources will vary depending on what is available in any particular language.

  • audio Bible (mp3) - available in popular regional languages like English, Spanish, Indonesian, German, French, Chinese and even lesser known local languages.
  • digital text Bible (pdf) - available in hundreds of languages like Vietnamese, Swahili, Yoruba, Twi, English, Spanish, Kurdish Sorani, Dholuo
  • digital text Bible stories (pdf) - hundreds of languages
  • Bible videos
  • Some languages will have more resources than others in audio, video, and digital text format. Some Bibles only have a New Testament or portions.

In your order, specify which languages that you need.  If getting different language combinations on any BibleSD memory card, please add to the cart separately.  We customize each order according to your needs and what is available to include.  Our 32GB microSD cards have plenty of space to hold Bible resources in multiple languages within a region, as well as extra space left over.

Each microSD card comes with free adapter that inserts into computer USB ports and even the microUSB ports of some smartphones.  Below is a picture of the adapter showing how to use it.

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