Searching, shipping and checking out

Shipping is based on weight.  The more you order the more economical shipping is.

Most orders ship out within 2 business days. Most orders ship by FedEx Ground and US Postal service. US Postal service and FedEx SmartPost shipments have limited insurance coverage. Do not use SmartPost if you are in a hurry. SmartPost goes through FedEx system and is then delivered by the post office.

Trucking can be arranged for larger orders (Usually 150 pounds or more). Please contact us.

Search Hints

If nothing comes up or too many things come up, try using less words or more words as appropriate for the search if possible.

Do NOT include "English" or "Spanish" or "version" in you searches.  If searching for other languages just put in the language, nothing else.

If searching for ISBN #, do NOT include dashes.

If searching by author use ONLY the last name.

Search on ONLY the title, author last name, or ISBN.  Searching by more than one of these will get 0 results.

You can search using category names that we have.

Do not search for brand names.

When searching for lamps or bulbs, use ONLY one 3 letter code if you have the 3 letter code.  Do not include any other information about the lamp, except you may include the word lamp after the code.  If you have more than one 3 letter code try one code first, then the other code if nothing comes up.  If it is an alpha-numeric code, try just part of the code or 1 set of numbers as there may be slight differences with different manufacturers and the codes they use.  If a lot of other items come up put the word lamp after the code, ie eng lamp, epr lamp.