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Street Childern

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UPC: 9781860242861
Publisher: Gabriel
Author: BUTCHEER, Andy
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Street Children:
The Tragedy and Challenge of the World's Millions of Modern Day Oliver Twists

An estimated 100 million children spend their days on city streets around the world.? 10 million of these are totally on their own, uncared for and unprotected.? 4,611 children and adolescents were executed in Brazil between 1988 and 1990.These frightening statistics are just a snapshot of the plight of street children in the world today. The result of extensive research, this book combines hard statistics with individual stories to challenge our indifference and awaken our conscience. Andy Butcher compares the situation facing Street Children today with that epitomized in the Dickens novel, Oliver Twist. Frighteningly, he concludes that if we look at a global perspective, little progress has been made.

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