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The Gay Agenda by Dr. Ronnie Floyd

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UPC: 9780892215829
Publisher: New Leaf Press
Author: Floyd, Ronnie
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The Gay Agenda by Dr. Ronnie Floyd

The Gay Agenda: It's Dividing the Family, the Church, and a Nation is a bold defense of traditional marriage and the authority of Scripture relating to these controversial issues both in the Church and in families across the nation. As same-sex "unions" and court challenges to the bans on these unions sweep the country, reasoned voices from the Church are needed. Now, one has emerged to expose the agenda that the homosexual lobby is trying to impose on society.

    •Can we still love people in this lifestyle, but hate the sin?

    •Does the Bible say anything about gay clergy?

    •What impact is this agenda having on the traditional American family?

    •What impact will this agenda have on our nation?

    •What about activist judges and the proposed marriage amendment?

Dr. Ronnie W. Floyd tackles the problems confronting the traditional family with this issue - in schools, the workplace, the church, and even within your home. Revealing the progress the gay agenda has already made, Dr. Floyd also examines the legal background and challenges dominating media reports almost daily. Floyd highlights why Christians need to be aware of this issue and its assault upon the faith, as well as showing from Scripture that the homosexual lifestyle is definitely at odds with God's plan for the family. With a balanced, methodical, and loving manner, Floyd issues an urgent call to pastors, parents, and educators: passive response won't work - only prayer and engagement with the issues will be effective.

6 x 9 • 160 Pages • Hardcover

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