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Vre Sekirite a - (True Security) - DVD - Haitian Creole

SKU: 9832
UPC: 899617001087
Publisher: Missionary James Productions
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Vre Sekirite a - (True Security) - DVD - Haitian Creole

Spanish and English is subtitles only. No language tracks in Spanish or English.


Vrè Sekirite a Synopsys: In the film a man finds Jesus Christ as his personal savior though the testimony of his wife’s family, a bad circumstance of his house being broken into and car stolen; and a dream of the coming judgment. He tries to use such excuses as attending church sometimes, the faith of his wife, and the good things he has done as reasons that he should not be thrown into the pit of hell. He learns salvation is only through Jesus Christ; and he accepts Him as his personal savior at the end of the film.