Who We Are

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Since 1991 Equipping The Saints, has served evangelical Christian ministries world wide. Our primary focus is on the needs of God's people in other countries. We also help churches, schools, camps, etc. here in the USA.

Bibles and Christian books, computers, printers, copiers, medical supplies, musical instruments, office and school equipment, used clothing, shoes and blankets are some of the things we can provide.

Spanish materials, multimedia projectors and clothing are always available.  
(We regret we can no longer provide vitamins.  We recommend Blessings International to meet that need.)

We especially delight in helping prepare those going on mission trips.

Our goal is to help your ministry find what you need as fast as we can at the lowest cost possible.

Some items provided by ETS are obsolete in the U.S., but still useful in other countries. Many items come from government auctions. Other items are purchased at special discounts. Vehicles, medical and dental equipment, computers, office and school equipment are sometimes donated. Once, an entire print shop was given!

How can we serve you?

Why send used things to Missionaries?
Here are six reasons why "used" can be better than "new":

  1. Good quality used equipment is usually available at a fraction of the cost of new items.
  2. Used items usually clear Customs with no or greatly reduced fees.
  3. National co-workers can be equipped with the same ministry tools as missionaries without creating dependency or the perils of paternalism.
  4. Missionaries spend less time raising funds and more time in ministry.
  5. Parts and repairs for older computers, printers, projectors, etc., are more readily available in developing countries than for "the latest and greatest" gadgets.
  6. Used equipment shipments can provide employment opportunities for national believers.

Ministries are usually charged a minimal cost for the supplies and must pay for shipping.  


Equipping The Saints is pleased to offer exceptionally low prices on the following types of items:


  1. Spanish Bibles, books, DVDs, CD’s, etc.  We carry about 2,700 different items in Spanish.  We also carry a good selection of items in English and other languages.
  2. Multimedia projectors including the battery powered pocket projectors.
  3. Desktop and laptop computers, both new and used.
  4. Printers and photocopiers.  We can also provide special pricing on parts and supplies.
  5. School equipment from the cafeteria to the classroom…we’ve got it!

Top quality used clothing, shoes, blankets and  linens are regularly available as a donation.

Many, many other things are available…far too many to list here!

Send us your wish list.  If we can’t provide it, we will do our best to refer you to someone who can.

Please email us and let us know what you're looking for.


We are happy to receive many types of in kind donations. 


We welcome donations of:

Clothing, shoes, blankets and linens in good condition.

Intel Core 2 or newer computers

Printers and photocopiers

Bibles, hymn books and Christian books

Musical instruments with the exceptions of pianos and organs

Medical equipment, supplies and over the counter meds

Sports equipment

We can use a wide variety of items.  Please call or email with any questions.